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Summer Gear Checklist

Summer is right around the corner and we want to make sure that you, your boat and your gear are dialed so you can get on the water as soon as it warms up. Not only do we want you to get back on the water fast, we want you to get back on the water safely.  



First thing you are going to need to do is schedule your boat to get summerized (give us a call now to get on the schedule). On top of a summerization we recommend getting a full tune up. Let our dealership check your battery, fluids and filters. Let us check them now so don’t have to worry about it during the summer missing out on perfect lake days.  


 Next, we need to make sure you have everything required by law to have on your boat. Missing any of the items listed in the image below? No worries at all! Our shop is stoked with all the gear that is required to get you on the water! Swing by our shop today and we can help you get all the required equipment you need.  


It’s easy to forget about checking your gear but there is nothing worse than being out on the lake on the first day of the season and having a rope break on the third set. Or getting on your favorite surfboard and having it ride differently because it’s water logged.  


Unfortunately, it’s easy for your board to get dinged up in the off season; especially if you keep your gear in your garage. First, start by inspecting your board. Make sure there aren’t any cracks or chips. If you’re in the clear there, next pick up your board. Does it feel heavier than it did last year? If yes, it could be waterlogged and that means it’s time to get a new board.  

Don’t forget to make sure all your wakeboard bindings are tightened and that you have fins for all of your favorite surfers.  


Did you put all your wet ropes away on your last trip to Powell without letting them air dry? We have been there too. Before your first outing, make sure that none of your ropes have rotted and that they are all still strong. Surf ropes are usually the first to start fraying, check for weak spots all along the rope. The ropes that a 

Now that your boat and all you gear is dialed and ready for summer the last step is easy- get your crew and get out on the water! We cannot wait to see you out on the lake this season.  

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