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Superior Service Experience

Bring your Nautique or Yamaha boat to a trusted friend with over 30 year of experience. Our team of experienced technicians will get your Natique or Yamaha boat in and out quickly. Let us share our years of experience and expertise with you as we take care of your Nautique or Yamaha boat.

Service & Maintenance Packages

Full Service Packages

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Impeller Service

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Our Certified Technicians Deliver Peace of Mind

Ballast Impellers
Transmission Service
Trailer Service
Winterize & Summarize
Oil Change
Fiberglass & Gel Coat
Audio & Electronic
Boat Storage

Why Choose Us?

We care about your boat as much as you do. So we’re committed to helping you take care of it.
Fast Work &
Our Trusted
Doing what we love for the past 30 years.